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Welcome to Miller artworks

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The Artist

My name is Robin Miller. I began life as a circus brat. As a result I’ve spent much of my life traveling and developing a unique view of the world.

In my twenties, I discovered my creative talent. I began sketching cartoons from the newspaper, and I enrolled in a drawing class at a local college. In the third semester I switched to painting, and discovered my life’s purpose.

Since then, my figurative works have been displayed in a gallery in New York City. On the flight back from New York, my creativity kicked in and I mentally created a new style of painting. As soon as the plane landed I rushed to my studio.

This new style was truly amazing.

I had created a new and unique form of abstract painting that produces paintings unlike any I’ve ever seen. I named it FrealityArt.


You can reach me, the artist, at:



I have created FrealityArt, a cross between freedom and reality. When I paint, I let the paint do its thing, which I believe is the reality of being creative. I paint with acrylic paint because of its flexibility, quickness of drying, bright colors and durability. The results are unpredictable and amazing.

All of my paintings are available as giclee reproductions at a much lower price. I will sign each giclee and date it with my original signature.

My paintings range from 20" x 16" to 60" x 48" in size. Shipping prices range from $99 to $279, depending on the size of the painting purchased.

Free Original Art

Each new Freality Art painting is a completely unique and unusual design. They are bright and colorful and will enhance any room in which they’re hung.

Buy One, Get One Free

When you purchase an original FrealityArt work (not a giclee), you will then have the option to commission me for a Freality Art painting of the same size in the colors of your choice. Your free painting will be unlike any painting you’ve ever seen because the results are completely unpredictable. This is why FrealityArt is so exciting.

When you buy one of my paintings, I will e-mail you an order form for the free commissioned painting. It will verify your information and provide a list of color choices. Just fill it out, send it back, and wait 2 to 4 weeks for your paintings to arrive!